Temporary staffing allows clients to manage resources optimally. We manage the staffing and the client organization focuses on their business. With our strong expertise in permanent hiring, we offer good quality in contractual staffing. We provide trained and skilled personnel meeting client specific requirements through our temporary staffing services. .

Designations / Levels

  • Junior level –Testers/Developers/Sr. Dev/Sr. Testers
  • Tech Leads, Project Leads
  • Managers, Architects, Project Managers
  • Sr. Managers, Sr. Architects
  • Executive Level positions in Technology, Finance, HR, Operations
  • Leadership/Senior mandates - Engineering Managers, Managing Directors

Our Skill Set

  • R&D, Embedded & System Level
  • Telecom &Networking Technologies
  • SAP, ERP, ABAP & allied
  • C/C++, Java, .NET, Scripting lang like Phyton, Perl
  • Web & Internet Technologies
  • Software Development, QA, Testing
  • IOT, Big Data Analytics, Network & Security, payment Gateway